Math Assessment Reasoning and Strategy

This tool is in beta testing, not all parts are operational yet.

The addition | subtraction and multiplication | division parts are ready for your use and comments.

Introduction to the tool by Dr. Schreuder

How this tool can help you

The Math Assessment Reasoning and Strategy system (MARS for short) is an organized way to interview students and find out what reasoning capabilities and skills they have already developed and what strategies they use.

This assessment will help you develop an intervention plan to support the student in their further development in math.

You can use this system both face to face while sitting down with the student or online.

The MARS system consists of the following categories

  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Every category has a number of questions you discuss with the students and on the observations map you note your interpretation of the answers. It is not only about the answer being right or wrong but more importantly how they reason to come to their answer of the problem presented.

After you have finished the interview and completed the observations map, you can go online and enter the observations in the system. After submitting the all observations you will receive a report detailing the student’s reasoning skills and strategies and ways to develop the student further.

The interview cards

Click the buttons below to download the interview cards you need to present to the student:

Download the observation maps

Click the buttons below to download the observation maps for your use:

Enter your findings in the system

Click the buttons below to enter the system and submit the observations to receive the report.