Math In Real Life

Many adults we have spoken over the past few years, have told us that they were always “bad at math” and felt “stupid” in math class. The math learning disability, dyscalculia, is still rather unknown and in their school years it was definitively not recognized much.

As a consequence they have struggled and still struggle with numbers. From adjusting a cooking recipe and finding out how much paint you need for that wall to giving or checking change and splitting a bill or calculating a tip for the waiter. It all has a challenge and they love to get some support.

Most of them are not necessarily waiting for a tutor every week, and also won’t like to get back into exploring a math book, so we have done something else:

Need some help with math but not a textbook course?

We created a video series with short clear videos (over 35) where Dr Schreuder explains about real life situations and how math can be helpful there to feel more confident. No calculus or factoring polynomials, that is not necessary, just clear explanations about real life situations. Check out the video for some more info or click the button to go to the site with the full curriculum.

Video topics:

  • Introduction
  • Great free sources of math support

Part 1
Fundamental skills:

  • Multiplication tables
  • Introduction to operations:
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Order of operations
  • Percent
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Reading a graph

Part 2
Applied math:

  • Math for cooking
  • Math for dinner outings
  • Math for mortgage and phone subscriptions
  • Math for giving change
  • Math to calculate the tip in a restaurant
  • Math for a road trip
  • Math on vacation
  • Math for refurbishing the home
  • Math for cleaning the house
  • Math and your 401(k)
  • Math and your pension
  • Math and your health
  • Math and your car
  • Math and the sale
  • Math and your credit card
  • Math and your personal loan
  • Math and the lottery
  • Math and the garden
  • Math in the grocery store
  • Math and the utilities
  • Math on your birthday
  • Math on tv